About Kid Ventures

Kid Ventures Preschool Academy is leading the way in children’s enrichment and learning which is evident from the moment you step foot inside our warm and inviting Kid Ventures facilities. From the friendly and caring greeting provided by our team to the highly engaging and educational curriculum facilitated by our passionate and dedicated teachers, your child’s preschool experience will be an enriching and memorable. With so much to discover, our focus is helping children develop a life-long love of learning and creative exploration through fulfilling many social, physical and emotional needs.

FoundersHow Kid Ventures Got Its Start

Our story begins with a very simple equation: a girl + a bus = the start of a dream! In 1996, Debbie Solomon wanted to translate her background in gymnastics and children’s education to a very unique enterprise. She purchased a school bus and transformed it into a mini gymnastics studio, bringing her love for fitness to children and families throughout the greater San Diego area. Experiencing a great deal of success, the next logical step was to expand to a physical children’s gymnastics and fitness center. Debbie joined forces with husband, Darren Solomon to create a unique and enriching concept for families with children ages 1-6 yrs old. In 2008, to the delight of children and families alike, the first Kid Ventures was born!

Our Vision

A great deal of love, thought and effort went into the creation of Kid Ventures. As parents themselves, Debbie and Darren envisioned creating an exclusive environment both children AND adults would enjoy! They saw the need for a space where kids could freely exercise their imaginations in a safe setting and parents could remain nearby while relaxing or mingling with friends. The result was a boutique-style enrichment and play village combined with a parent cafe providing a one-of-a-kind family experience! Over the years, this vision has evolved into one of the most innovative and unique preschool and early learning concepts which has been recognized as best-in-class by both the families and communities we serve.

Our Mission

Since 2008, Kid Ventures has provided the next generation in boutique-style enrichment, education and entertainment centers. Our warm and inviting facility offers the perfect setting for children to explore and expand their imaginations and talents as parents delight in the experience. Preschoolers play, learn and grow in an environment designed to stretch their creative muscles in a healthy and safe way.

Our Commitment

We believe that our impact goes far beyond the four walls that our Kid Ventures wonderland exists within. It is our commitment to reach out to the communities we serve that makes Kid Ventures a special place where special connections are made. For every child & family that we have the privilege of welcoming into our facility, there are many others that we can help. The fabric of our existence is how we translate Kid Ventures unique and nurturing experience to the families and children in need through volunteerism, awareness and giving of our time, talent & treasures.

Paying it forward

Giving back plays a big part in the Kid Ventures story. There is no better feeling than to be able to help and make a difference in the lives of others in need. Kid Ventures has made it its mission to pay it forward by participating in local charities and donating to organizations whose aim is to invest in the futures of children.

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