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12 Days of Christmas Crafts: Day 2
Peppermint Stick Candle Holder

These holiday Christmas candle holders are sweet in more ways than one! Make several of these candle crafts to keep and to give. As an alternative, consider using the same technique to cover a square or rectangular paper box to give or store Christmas cookies.

Things you need:
* Circular container, without the lid (Recycled coffee cans, food containers etc. are great eco friendly options)
* About 40 or so 4-1/2” peppermint sticks
* High shine glaze spray
* Super tacky glue
* Waxed paper

Things to do:
1. In a well ventilated area, lay the peppermint sticks on top of a few sheets of wax paper and spray with the glaze. Let the glaze dry completely.
2. Make a wide bead of glue along one side of a peppermint stick, and press it onto the side of the circular box. Make sure the bottom is lined up evenly with the bottom of the box. Repeat with each stick until the box is completely covered.
3. When the glue is dry, if you want the tops of the peppermint sticks to be even you can sand the tops though this is not necessary. Seal them with another coat of glaze.
4. Fill the box with the glass marbles and add the votive candle. Fill in around the candle with more of the marbles to keep the candle secure.

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