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We’ve all experienced the typical routine of opening our front door on Easter morning to baskets full of colorful eggs and yummy candies, why not spice it up this year? With these 3 exciting and creative games, you can! Check it out!

1. The Great Easter Egg Hunt

What you will need:
6 plastic eggs (per child)
Scrapbook stickers numbering 1-6
How to play:
First, number the eggs 1-6 with the scrapbook stickers. Hide the baskets (inside or outside, get creative!), then write a clue to the basket’s location and put it in egg number 6. Eggs 1 through 5 should give clues to places throughout the house, each one leading to the next egg (or clue!) Once you have come up with all of your clues, hand egg number 1 to your child so they can start their Easter treasure hunt!

2. Jelly Bean Trail

What you will need:
2-3 bags of jelly beans (other candies can be used)
How to play:
Make a jelly bean trail from each kid’s room leading up to where the Easter bunny hid their baskets! Simple, easy and a great start to an amazing morning! Happy Trails!

3. Easter Morning Yarn Maze

What you need:
Ball of yarn (different color for each child)
How to play:
Wind the Easter bunny maze throughout your entire house. Start a different color of yarn in each kid’s room and guide them to his/her Easter basket! Crawl around with them, they’ll look forward to this adventure each year!

Be creative and have fun! Happy Easter!