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Let’s face it, a night alone for parents doesn’t come along too often, and when it does– parents just don’t know what to do with themselves! You are in the mood for something fun, yet a date night out can be expensive and exhausting. A romantic date doesn’t have to be a big production, and it doesn’t have to break the bank. What’s truly important is grabing a little one-on-one time to keep the spark alive. Luckily, parents CAN have an intimate night together without sacrificing fun and romance; it’s as simple as trading a night out, for a little fun at home.

Here are 5 stay at home date ideas to consider the next time you get an evening to yourselves…

Just because you are staying in for the night doesn’t mean you have to resort to the same hum-drum date ideas. Enjoy making dinner and watching a movie- but with a twist! Pick a movie and make dinner based off of the movie’s theme. The TBS website has some really great ideas for pairing dinner and a movie, and even include recipes too. Check it out HERE

You can transform your dining room into a multi-cultural tasting room just by visiting your local groccery store! Places like BevMo and Trader Joes are great for finding rare and international wines and beers. Stock up on a variety of beverages that represent different parts of the world and enjoy tasting each of them with your honey. Also consider buying cheeses, breads, meats, fruits and desserts that compliment your beverages and the contries they represent. Click HERE for ideas on food and wine pairing

You’ve always wanted to take dance lessons, but you couldn’t find the time to actually sign up for classes (not to mention your main squeeze wasn’t too thrilled with the idea). For a fun date night in, take a dance lesson in the comfort of your own livingroom. A variety of dance instructional DVD’s are available to rent or own and can be found at Barnes and Nobel, and If your spouse needs further convincing, wear a sassy number that is simply irresistable!
Click HERE to purchase a dance instructional DVD

Turn off the phone, television, computer—heck, why not turn off the lights too! Fill your room with candles and enjoy the simplicity of just being together. The romantic mood can be heightened by turning your room into a spa and providing each other with much needed massages.

Bring out the grown up board games, and enjoy each others competitive side. Games like scrabble, Chess, and Poker can stimulate your intellect, while twister and Loaded Questions can tap into your playful sides.

…But what about the kids?!
Instead of hiring a babysitter, consider dropping your kids off at Kid Ventures for PARENTS NIGHT OUT. For a reasonable rate, Kid Venture’s fun loving staff will care for and entertain your kiddo in our secure indoor playcenter. Kids will get the opportunity to socialize with other children their age, all the whilst having free range of the Kid Ventures facility—talk about VIK (Very Important Kid) treatment! Its truly a win-win for both parents and children.

Parent’s Night Out at Kid Ventures is held at both KV locations, Pacific Beach and Eastlake. Check our online calendar HERE for specific PARENTS NIGHT OUT dates.