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Thursday, April 2nd, was World Autism Awareness Day.  Across the globe, companies  and individuals showed their support by wearing blue or using blue lights in their buildings to Light It Up Blue. We loved seeing the support pour in to help families celebrate the way autism has touched their lives.  Light It Up Blue day might be over, but the all of April is Autism Awareness Month.  Here are five fantastic ways to keep the celebration going!

1. Recommend and go to Autism-Friendly Businesses!

Simply Google “Autism-Friendly businesses” in your area and find places that are dedicated to providing autism-friendly environments, ranging from restaurants to movie theaters. One online store that promotes autism and micro enterprising is Artists with Autism.

2. Raise awareness with what you wear

There are some wonderful jewelry pieces , t-shirts, mugs, and more that allow you to be a voice for autism

3. Learn about fantastic people with autism. Here is an example: Haley Moss is an accomplished artist and author. Looking for a new movie to watch?  Temple Grandin is a beautiful film, based on a true story,  about an autistic woman who overcame the limitations imposed on her by her condition to become an expert in the field of animal husbandry.

4. Read a new autism blog.

 Check out this extensive blog list, from autism hub,  for ideas.

5. Recommend your favorite autism books or check out some new ones.

Autism Books 101 has a great list that is divided according to different categories.

How are you celebrating Autism Awareness Month?  We’d love more ideas!