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In today’s world, it’s a huge advantage for kids to grow up knowing two languages.  It opens them up to so many more cultural learning, new relationships, brain development, and even college options.  While certainly not exhaustive, here’s some easy-to-implement ideas to help your babes become bilingual!

1.  Chicco Talking Farm ($30) Help your little one learn animal names, sounds, colors, and numbers in English and Spanish.

2. Leapfrog Learn and Groove Counting Maracas ($15) These musical maracas introduce Spanish numbers, colors, and vocabulary.

3. Fun Spanish App (Free) For families on the go, there are fun apps that help introduce Spanish through play!  Click here to learn more.

Play Games to Learn Spanish - Fun Language App for Kids

4. Enroll in Yak Academy  (Prices Vary) These classes, camps, and workshops bring a whimsical approach to language learning by turning study into play.  More info here.