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Our word of the week at Kid Ventures is Citizenship. In today’s increasingly digital world, being a good citizen does not just mean picking up litter and being an informed voter.  It also means being respectful to others online and leaving a safe digital trail for the future.  There is no better time to learn digital citizenship than when kids are first starting to use these tools, such as mobile devices and the internet.  Here are five great videos to help teach your kids about a potentially scary topic in an understandable and effective way!

Internet Safety for Kids K-3
This short 7 minute video is about some rabbits at an elementary school who are using computers. They learn how to use the computer safely.  Younger elementary students might enjoy this video.
Wild About Safety with Timon and Pumbaa: Safety Smart(R) Online 
This short excerpt from a Disney Education video teaches young children about appropriate behavior online.
The Polkadots Cyber Five/ Cyber Safety Activity Video 
Upper and lower elementary students might like this video about five safety rules to use when online. The video is about 2 minutes long and show how to make a Cyber Five sign to put on or near a computer to remind you how to be safe online

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