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If you’re a mom, dad, or work with kids, here are some fantastic and easy to make Mothers’ Day gifts your kids can make!  They may seem cheesy, but these homemade treasures help create a lifetime of heart-warming memories.  Use one of the project ideas below or browse to spark your creativity!

  1. Handprint Mother’s Day Gifts {A Night Owl}
  2. Ceramic Figurine {A Night Owl}
  3. Handprint Garland {Little Family Fun}
  4. Hershey Kiss Roses {99 Crafts}
  5. Noodle Necklace {}
  6. Mason Jar Vase {Christina’s Adventures}
  7. Handprint Flower Jar {Mega Crafty}
  8. Heart Cookie Box {}
  9. Handprint Heart Canvas {Songbirds + Buttons}
  10. Yarn Wrapped Bottles {Penelope + Pip}
  11. Fingerprint Dove Art {Busy Kids=Happy Mom}
  12. Fingerprint Candles {Come Together Kids}
  13. Mother’s Day Newspaper {Martha Stewart}
  14. Tissue Paper Posies {Martha Stewart}
  15. Mother’s Day Tote Bag {Martha Stewart}
  16. Lacey Candles {}