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As we approach a new year, it’s a great opportunity for parents to pause and reflect on the past years ups and downs, and make concrete goals to make some improvements in the next year. New Year’s resolutions are great opportunities for us to identify what makes us happy, and then take steps toward making these things priorities in our lives. A resolution for the new year can help us stay focused on what is important, all year long… and what could be more important than FAMILY?
With the New Year on the horizon, now is a wonderful opportunity to focus on family when creating your goals for the New Year. Identify areas within your family that you may wish to change or improve, and from there create a resolution that supports this change.

Sit down as a family and brainstorm some resolutions, or goals, you would like to accomplish. Take everyone’s feedback into account—you may be pleasantly surprised at what you’re children offer up in conversation. If you need a few ideas, you may wish to include some of the following resolutions into your family plan for the New Year:
Spend more time together: delegate days of the month especially for family hikes, or exploring your city and community as a family.
Volunteer as a Family: Identify your favorite local charities and non-profits and map out ways you can give back, together.
Talk More: Vow to have more meals at the table, and open up the lines of communication with each of your family members.
Become a Healthier Family: Work together to get more exercise, make healthy meals together, and play more together! While becoming physically healthier, you are also strengthening your emotional bonds as a family.

Identifying your family resolution is the easy part; as we all know—sticking to this plan is what requires real work! Here are a few tips to help you stay on track:
Visualize: Consider creating a presentation board or chart and hanging it in the family room, to map your progress and help your family visualize your goals.
Team Up: Join forces with another family that wants to strive toward similar goals. As with most things in life, sharing the responsibility with others helps keep us accountable.
Assign Roles: Delegate one of more of your children the “Resolution Chief”, to remind the family to stay on task. Kids love important roles like these.
Web Resources: Track and manage your family goals and resolutions online, with helpful websites such as LIFETICK.

On behalf of Kid Ventures we wish you the warmest New Year! We look forward to providing a quality space for you and your family to create lasting memories, in the New Year and for years to come. Let Kid Ventures help you spend more time with your family, check out all the great family friendly ACTIVITIES we have coming up in the new year!