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We get to see heroes in action every day.  The team at Kid Ventures is full of heroes.  They all love the kids and families that come to play.  They make sure that everyone is safe and smiling.  The hero team at Kid Ventures is awesome, and today they inspired Mr. Mike to share a little tip about feeling good.

High fives are our currency of awesomeness.  To us, a high five is the best gift you can give to someone.  It is a free, positive affirmation of accomplishing something wonderful.  We give out high fives to good listeners.  We give high fives to campers who finish their healthy snack.  We give high fives to the kid who said “I am so sorry” to a friend after accidentally bumping them.  We give high fives any time we need to make someone feel good.  You should try it!  Even grownups can exchange high fives.  You will be amazed at the feeling of glee a simple high five can bring.

Try to give at least 3 high fives in the next day or so.  Spread some positivity, and you may find your inner hero shining through!


**Check our blog regularly to read more tips from Mr. Mike and the rest of the Kid Ventures Team** 

Mr. Mike would love to see you practice your best hero skills at our brand new Superhero Training Academy.  For more information check or email mike at: [email protected]