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  1. Greet your child with a welcoming face and voice
  2. Call your child by name, lovingly
  3. Tell your child, “I love you”
  4. Hug your child every day
  5. Show your child pictures and repeat stories from his/her birth and baby days
  6. Teach your child to make a bed, hang up clothes, put away toys, get washed
  7. Look at your child when he/she is talking to you
  8. Assign your child simple chores to help the family (set the table, take out trash and so on) this teaches the child that he/she is needed
  9. Answer your child’s questions honestly
  10. Surprise your child with a favorite snack
  11. Let your child lead you on a discovery walk. Take time to look at what your child finds. (No cell phones please)
  12. Read to your child
  13. Play a game of your child’s choosing
  14. Ask your child to teach you a song he/she has learned
  15. Encourage your child to try new things. Teach him/her that it’s important to keep trying when things are difficult. Applaud perseverance.
  16. Make a “Star” board. Post accomplishments of family members.
  17. Give your child a part in family traditions
  18. Display your child’s handiwork where all can enjoy it

KV knows as parents we already do many of the ideas from the above list. But sometimes in this high tech competitive world we don’t do them as often as we would like.

This Thanksgiving lets keep it simple! Try some of the ideas more often.

It will help to build your child’s self-esteem along with great memories for you as a parent.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!