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We certainly all love a good story, especially one that helps us appreciate something we already enjoy in our life. In fact, you may not realize the terrific story behind some of the things that make Kid Ventures so special. Have you ever stopped to consider where the tasty KV treats you love so much come from? Of course not—you are too busy enjoying them! How about Kid Ventures itself? Who dreamed up such a wonderful idea? The answer to this question and many more is simple…women.

Many of the delicious goods at the KV Café are supplied not only by local vendors, but many are provided by women owned businesses in San Diego. Sweet Cheeks, Baked in the Sun, Zanzibar Café, and Café Virtuoso are just a few examples of locally women owned businesses Kid Ventures proudly supports.

Kid Ventures has also partnered with many mom owned and operated organizations. Through the past year, Kid Ventures has built a strong relationship with such mom-lead organizations as Sign4Baby & Positively Kids; and recently joined forces with the non-profit organization Celebrate the Military Child (co-founded by…you guessed it, a mom!). These relationships continue to develop and strengthen with time, and are an imperative part of the Kid Ventures’ future.

Working with women owned businesses is an important philosophy for Kid Ventures because Kid Ventures itself was conceptualized by Debbie Solomon, a business woman and mother. With the help of her husband, Darren, the Solomon’s created an environment for families that mirrored their own values and visions of a family fun play space.

The next time you drop in to play at Kid Ventures, remember your visit is helping to support an expanding network of business minded women and mothers in your very own community. Who knew play could go so far and help so many?

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