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Start any story with “back when I was a kid…”  and you’ll be greeted with groans in seconds.  Yet there is a lot to learn from the “good ‘ol days” and two teachers in California want to bring back the play in kids’ lives.  These two brothers have declared  Feb. 4, 2015, to be the first annual Global School Play Day.  Kid Ventures Blog

The goal?  Get as many schools to sign-up as possible and pledge to incorporate play into the stratified school days that often prioritize high-stakes testing over time for kids to grow and stretch their imaginations on the playground.

Global School Play Day self-declared goal is to “RAISE AWARENESS ABOUT THE NECESSITY OF UNSTRUCTURED PLAY.” Kid Ventures strongly believes in the child’s right and need to play in a safe environment and we love this effort to create space for play in the everyday life of kids worldwide.

Learn how you can help make free play a major part of childhood again here:

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