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At KV, we know how much kids these days love STAR WARS… and can we blame them? We love it too! Here are some awesome Star Wars themed snacks you and your child can make at home!

What you’ll need:
1-2 scoops of lemon/lime sherbet
1/2-full can of sprite or other fizzy lemon lime beverage
Lime wedge

Put the sherbet in first, and then pour in your beverage to make a frothy top!
Garnish the glass with a lime slice and serve!


Different colored Candied Chocolate (These can be found at Michael’s Craft Store)
Aluminum foil

Melt candied chocolate first (Put candied chocolate into a metal bowl, and rest on top of sauce pan with boiling water).

Once chocolate is melted, dip pretzel sticks into chocolate about 3/4 of the way. If using very long pretzel sticks, brush chocolate onto stick to desired height.

Let cool completely, and finally cover remaining pretzel end with aluminum foil to give the illusion of the lightsaber handle.

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