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Did you know that every week in the US 50 children are backed over in driveways and parking lots?  Of those 50 children, 2 will Parking Lot Safety | Tips from Kid Venturesdie from related injuries EVERY WEEK.  The California Department of Health Services and provides some useful tips on how to keep kids safe in parking lots.

1. Teach children that parked vehicles might move.  It sounds simple, but is a hard concept for many kids.  Stress to them that although they might see a car, the driver probably can’t see them.

2. Hold a child’s hand when entering a parking lot or leaving a vehicle.

3. Stay alert–when leaving a vehicle, put away your cell phone, shopping list, etc… to make sure that you are aware of your child’s location (next to you!) and the vehicles in the parking lot

4. Use a stroller.  Toddlers are most likely to sustain injuries due to their small size and limited experience.  If you child is too young to understand that vehicles move or too squirmy to stay by your side and holding your hand, strap them into a stroller to be safe.

5. Watch for other people’s children.  Although we would hope that every parent is keeping a watchful eye out for their kids, that may not be the case.  Walk in front of and behind your vehicle before moving it.

50 injuries a week is 50 too many.  Share these tips with your friends and family to keep kids safe everywhere!