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Just because it’s cold and rainy outside, doesn’t mean your kids have to be bored. Turn off the television, shut down the computer and unplug the video games and have some fun!

Set up an Art Station
Take a few extra minutes to gather art supplies from around your house, these can be conventional or creative items (crayons, markers, paper, aluminum foil, buttons, sequins—avoid glitter though!). Spread these items out on a table cloth or something than can easily be whipped clean, either on the floor or on a table. This becomes your child’s “art station”. With everything easily accessible, allow your child to engage in a variety of creative activities that could easily last hours!

Host an Indoor Picnic or Tea Party
Plan this indoor picnic or tea party just like you would any other. Pack up delicious snacks and drinks into your basket, and get out folding chairs and blankets. Have your picnic or tea party somewhere unconventional, like under the kitchen table or on the living-room floor. Surround yourselves with pillows and finger foods and encourage the children to wear their picnic clothes, safari costumes, animal outfits, or tea attire to get them in the mood.

Allow Extra Bath Time
Generally, we reserve bathroom time for serious business, but on a rainy day– the bathroom can easily transform into a battleship station, a mermaid’s lagoon– or a spa! Don’t fret; playing in the tub or sink doesn’t have to turn into a huge mess as long as rules are lined up first. Have your children take a bath with different sized cups, spoons, sponges and containers. Allow the kids to practice pouring and soaking up the water. For extra fun, add food coloring to the bath water and experiment with color mixing. And afterall… isn’t this a sneaky way to get your child to bathe?

Plan an Indoor Treasure Hunt or Scavenger Hunt
This activity takes a little planning, but is always a huge hit with kids. Leave a trail of clues around the house and have each clue lead to the next so that your kids are traveling all around the house on this treasure hunt. You can even have them answer trivia questions to receive clues too! The final “treasure” could be anything; ingredients to make hot cocoa, a new book, logos, coloring books etc. The real prize is the activity itself!

Get out of the House, and come to KV!
As always, Kid Ventures is a great escape on rainy days–and any day! Let your child explore all the different themed areas inside KV’s indoor play center, and even enjoy a play date—for you and your child!

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