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With summer around the corner all our minds are turning to summer holiday planning and choosing the right summer camp for our child. Here are some quick tips to help you pick a winner — and help your kid have an awesome summer break!

Spend some time researching the camps you are interested in & make sure they have experienced and qualified staff and a good camper to counselor ratio. Talk to the facility directors, & your friends and family to learn about the camps history, safety standards & reputation.

Look for camps that offer a wide variety of activities, themes and developmental games to keep your kids stimulated physically, socially and emotionally. If you know your child is having the time of his/her life while also developing valuable skills, you’ll be more likely to enjoy your day too.

Look for camps that are relevant to the themes of the year! For instance, this year is an Olympic Year. Camps that relate to the summer olympics will not only be FUN for your child, but it will give you the opportunity to make the connection at home and get your child talking & thinking about real life scenarios. This expands their mind & awareness in a fun way.

So remember, don’t just sign your child up for camp, take the time to give them an experience of a lifetime with the perfect Summer camp!

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