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We are always telling our children to think outside the box. But when it comes to surviving the long months of summer, it’s essential to think INSIDE the box! Prepare for hot days, long car-rides, and incessant doldrums with do-it-yourself boxes, kits & caddy’s that are essential to summer fun–and survival.

Boredom Box
Fill it with anything and everything that stimulates your child’s imagination! Some great tools are coloring books, art supplies, picture books, bouncy balls, puzzles, learning cards, play-dough… the options are limitless. The key is to keep this box hidden and bring it out only on occasion—when the child is REALLY bored and the nagging is relentless. Playing with the boredom box should be special and should keep the child’s imagination engaged for long enough for you to take a breather.

Fort Construction Kit
Everyone loves a cozy nook—and kids relish in the idea of creating their very own. The greatest thing about a fort is it’s generally easy to setup, easy to take down, and keeps kids entertained for hours on end! Create a Fort Construction Kit and keep it on hand for whenever your child feels like becoming a mini-engineer. The kit can be kept in a plastic bin and include light weight sheets/tarps of multiple sizes, sturdy close pins and/or clamps, flashlight/headlamp and/or glow sticks, books and other magical items like wizard hats & princess crowns. Soon enough you child will be the master of their own pop-up fortress!

Handy Helper Kit
Cleaning up can be fun IF you make it fun! A Handy Helper Kit is a miniature cleaning set that is toddler and child safe. It can include sponges, spray bottles filled with water, rubber gloves, paper towels and a handy apron to keep clothes clean. Kids can use their handy helper kit after doing crafts or helping in the kitchen. You’ll be amazed at how helpful the child will be when they have their very own tools! This is a great way to teach your child about responsibility and helping out around the house—plus, it’s fun and cute to watch!

Car Caddy
Keep the car stocked with things you may need on your summer adventures by pulling them all together in a Car Caddy. This can include necessities such as sunscreen, hats, hand sanitizer, wet-wipes, first aid kit, bottled water & bug spray—as well as entertaining items like books, coloring supplies, stickers, learning flash cards, sugar-free candies & snacks. Small incidences are often made worse because parents aren’t prepared, but by taking just a few minutes to prepare for anything—you’ll be sailing smooth throughout the summer!

And don’t forget…