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In a world that is growing increasingly cluttered with educational online games and apps, it’s easy to lose touch with some of the #bringbacktheblockmost valuable toys for teaching kids motor skills, teamwork, and abstract thinking.

That’s why at Kid Ventures, we want to bring back the block.

It’s beautiful simplicity and effectiveness in providing simultaneous play and fun truly can’t be matched.  Here’s some evidence from this NPR article:

Several early childhood studies have shown that children who play with blocks have better language and cognition skills than control groups. Others have looked at the power of blocks to help teach math, as well as the relationship between unstructured play materials and learning. Research has shown that math skills are the biggest predictor of later academic success.

“What’s special about the blocks is that they provide an excellent venue, an excellent platform for parents and children to engage with one another. Which is really critical, not just to children’s language development, but to their cognitive development generally and their social development as well,” says Dr. Dimitri Christakis, a pediatrician, researcher and professor.

What’s more?  Kids really, really like playing with blocks.  It’s a win-win for children, parents, and educators alike.

Kid Ventures has made a commitment to stay high tech-free and provide valuable learning experiences through old-school play and imagination.  Free-range play is becoming an increasingly rare commodity in schools and homes, which is why Kid Ventures has carefully crafted spaces where kids are safe and can let their creativity run wild.

Join us in bringing back the block!