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With music becoming rapidly more digital, its time to put those unwanted and outdated CD’s to good use. Give them a fresh spin with this creative and wacky kid friendly craft!

Wacky CD Spinner Tops

• Old unwanted CD’s
• Plastic Bottle Caps
• Large “shooter” marbles
• Hot Glue
• White paper
• Markers
• Scissors

1. For each top, set a large shooter marble into the hole of an old CD, securing it with a generous amount of glue (hot glue works the best)
2. To create your top designs, trace the CD circle shape onto a blank piece of white paper. Have your child design within the circle and then cut it out (cut out the center holes too). Flip over the CD and adhere the template to it with glue or a glue stick.
3. For the handle, attach a plastic bottle cap to the center of the CD with Ultimate glue or hot glue. If you use Ultimate glue, let it dry overnight before taking your top for a spin!

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