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The month of November provides a great opportunity for parent’s to teach their children the power of giving & having gratitude.

Here are a list ways you can encourage your child to get into the giving spirit this Thanksgiving, and create heart-warming family traditions to revisit year after year!


Donating new or lightly used goods can make a big difference to those in need during the holidays. Parents can start by asking their kids to pick out one of their favorite foods to donate to a Thanksgiving food drive hosted by a church or a community center. Kids can also be encouraged to go through their toys, books, and clothes to donate some special items they no longer need.


Volunteer opportunities are readily available during the holidays, but sometimes volunteering can take place in your very own neighborhood or community. Bake cookies or a special meal and take to an elderly neighbor or family that just had a new baby, and spend some time with that person. These special moments teach your child that giving isn’t just about material goods, but giving time and attention to someone can be even more rewarding.


Far too often we get sucked up in our day to day routines, and forget just how fortunate we are! Slow down, and enjoy a family walk through your neighborhood. Encourage your children to discuss things they are thankful for, that they see, and share things that are unseen that they are thankful for too! This special moment can also be turned into an opportunity to be creative. Have your children create artwork, symbolizing things they are thankful for. Hang these reminders up around the house, or place them in a card and send to a loved one with a special message.