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This week we are talking about a very special word at the Superhero Training Academy. That word is ‘expand’. Expand means to increase in size, volume, quality, or quantity. At the Superhero Training Academy, you can watch our Tumbl Trak expand! When we turn on the green machine, air is pumped into the Tumbl Trak and it grows bigger and bigger. When it can not possibly expand any more, we get to jump on it and practice our superhero leaps!
The Kid Ventures team loves ‘expanding’ our vocabulary and finding new words to share with our friends. This is a great thing to practice at home too. You can watch balloon expand as you fill it with air. You can build a wall out of blocks and watch it expand as you add more and more. You can even bake some delicious holiday treats and see if they expand in the oven.

Make sure to practice expanding your vocabulary by learning some new words this week, and feel free to share them with any KV team member you see!