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Do you know a dad worthy of an award?! Create this shiny, gold trophy for Father’s Day with recycled items from your home. This craft is made easy with step-by-step directions below!


• 2 foam coffee cups (*paper cups can also be used*)
• 5 inch square box (or one cut to size) (*Use recycled boxes from crackers, cereal bars, and convenience foods for projects like this one*)
• Masking tape
• 1 gold pipe cleaning
• Gold craft paint (*yellow, or silver can also be used*)
• Black construction paper, cut to fit on side of box
• White paint pen
• Scissors
• Paintbrush
• White craft glue

1. Turn cups upside down and trim bottom lips to make them flush.

2. Glue the bottoms of the two cups together.
3. Tape the square box shut by covering the entire box with masking tape.

4. When glue on the cups have dried, wrap a piece of masking tape around the middle where the two cups meet.
5. Cut the pipe cleaner in half and insert into each side of one of the cups as trophy handles.

6. Cover cups completely with masking tape.
7. Paint masking tape on both the trophy and the box gold. Let dry.

8. Write “Awarded World’s Best Dad” on the black construction paper with white paint pen. Glue to the front of the box.
9. Pipe white glue onto the bottom of the cup that does not have the pipe cleaner handles. Press onto the top of the box and let glue dry completely.

10. When finished, fill with dad’s favorite candy or treat!

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