SAN DIEGO —  San Diego company Kid Ventures is looking to bring a little more joy to kids and families in a big way by launching fundraising efforts to open a play center inside Rady Children’s Hospital.

Kid Ventures provides day care and preschool services at three locations throughout San Diego, and owners Darren and Debbie Solomon have been passionate about bringing those experiences to the kids at Rady’s for a number of years as well.

“We would work with these kids and these families and get to see just how much their face would light up. For an hour, they could just escape and get away from what they were dealing with,” said Solomon.

However, unlike your standard daycare or preschool, the space inside the hospital would be 100 percent nonprofit and free of charge to families with children staying at the hospital.

“We are really looking forward to having a wonderful interactive place space for children to just be kids at the hospital. We currently have some small play spaces but this will be something on a new level and will bring so much joy to patients and their families,” said Alex Loker, Senior Director of Philanthropy for Rady Children’s Hospital.

The Solomons are hoping to raise a total of $500,000 over the next three years to make their dream a reality. There is no official date for the play center for now.

They’ve officially started the Solomon Family Ventures Fund to help raise that money. There will be future events and opportunities to donate online.

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