Take a Look Inside Kid Ventures Preschool Academy

Located inside our award-winning Kid Ventures facilities, our preschool classrooms are just one component of the Kid Ventures experience.  As soon as your child steps into Kid Ventures, they are immersed in a world of imagination and learning.

Little princesses can explore an enchanted castle while the tiniest of Captain Hooks will love to sail the seven seas in their pirate ship. Dreams are cooked up in a miniaturized kitchen and brave souls rush to the rescue in the fire truck.

Your child gets the best of all worlds at Kid Ventures Preschool Academy—a traditional classroom setting, exclusive access to our state-of-the-art play areas, and safe and secure indoor and outdoor spaces to get all that extra energy out.

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Kid-First Design

Not only will your child benefit from the classic classroom setup, he or she will also be encouraged to learn through creative play and exploration. This lets them grow physically, mentally, and emotionally in a safe place.

Explore. Learn. Play.

Our traditional & creative classroom setting is designed to encourage learning for your little ones to help them with the transition into an elementary school environment.

Opening New Worlds

Your child’s imagination is a beautiful gift that opens new worlds and is crucial to brain development. We designed Kid Ventures’ play areas to encourage young minds to grow through child-directed play and exploration as they exercise the power of their imaginations.

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Kid Ventures Preschool Academy is a new and innovative way to do preschool centered around a customized learning experience for your child. Our family-first philosophy and curriculum ensures parents and caregivers are always part of these precious early years of development while our preschool students receive the benefits of both classroom learning and play-based exploration in Kid Venture’s creative environment.