Best Preschools in San Diego


Kid Ventures Preschool Academy is currently enrolling students in the 2020-21 session. We are a fully licensed preschool through the State of California. Families have the flexibility of registering for 2, 3 or 5 days per week on a monthly basis.

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Voted #1 by Parents

pic-of-familyAfter a year of strenuous searching for the perfect preschool for our son, the research finally came to an end!!!! There is no other facility that invites you to stay the entire day, hanging out in the cafe, while your little one learns from the best of the best! Kid Ventures and their awesome Preschool Academy has mastered the perfect balance of getting the kids authentically excited about learning, engaging them in fun physical activities and exercises their creativity through genius arts and crafts projects! If you’re the type of parent who struggles to leave your child with your own parents or babysitter, rest assured that Ms. Debbie and Ms. Tammy will put you at ease! They don’t pretend to love kids like some teachers do…they truly REALLY love them! The best part of the staff is that they have more energy and enthusiasm to outlast any preschooler!” – Frederic and Lorna Farin

Best Preschools in San Diego

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